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The Sturman Family

Thomas E. and Margaret C. Sturman

I recently gained a lot of information on the Sturman family from three very nice men named Roger, Peter and Rick. This page will deal with my Sturmans in America. I know that Thomas Sturman was born in Cricks Parish, England in 1819. He immigrated to America before 1842. He was a coal miner, fought in the Illinois 125th during the Civil War and died in Kansas. He was a member of the GAR. He and his wife Margaret Crumbaugh Sturman had eight children, Sarah Jane, William, Roseannah, Mary Ellen, George, Margaret Harriet, Thomas and Elisa Emmaline.

I will link to pictures of all of these people except Elisa who died as a baby. If you see anyone you recognize please contact me.

Thomas Edward Sturman..born about 1822 Manchester, England
died May 21,1883 Burlingame, KS

Margaret Crumbaugh Sturman..born April 4, 1831 Roseville, OH
died June 25, 1926 Matherville, IL

Sarah Jane..born July 17, 1850 Rose Hill, OH
died October 19, 1929 Matherville, IL

William M...born January 6, 1852 Casstown, OH
died June 1, 1920 Pocatello, ID

Roseannah..born January 24, 1854 Louisville, KY
died December 9, 1952 Fresno, CA

Mary Ellen..born November 27, 1856 Rock Island, IL

George..born October 10, 1858 Rock Island, IL
died March 1926 O'Fallon, IL

Margaret Harriet..born January 12, 1860 Cleveland, IL
died May 27, 1946 Pocatello, ID

Thomas..born July 13, 1866 Jennesee, IL
died September 13, 1944 Pocatello, ID (second from left in photo)

Elisa Emmaline..born January 6, 1869 Minersville, IL
died 1872 Cleveland, IL