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The Pierce Family

Thanks to my cousins Mary Ann and Terry Anderson I have information on this family at last.

Descendants of Unknown Pierce
Generation No. 1 1. UNKNOWN1 PIERCE. Children of UNKNOWN PIERCE are: i. WILLIAM2 PIERCE, b. November 17, 1818; d. 1899. ii. SARAH PIERCE, b. May 31, 1820; d. May 31, 1820. iii. JOHN W. PIERCE, b. September 17, 1821; d. June 20, 1897. iv. RICHARD PIERCE, b. June 14, 1823; d. March 12, 1888. v. JAMES PIERCE, b. November 18, 1825; d. March 07, 1904. vi. MARGARET C. PIERCE, b. March 29, 1828; d. 1912. vii. LEVI PIERCE, b. November 20, 1830; d. Aft. 1951. Notes for LEVI PIERCE: There is a Levi Pierce who married an Elizabeth Hobson in Morgan County, IN on July 5, 1849. viii. GEORGE PIERCE, b. May 04, 1833; d. November 30, 1915. 2. ix. JOSIAH PIERCE, b. December 01, 1833; d. March 16, 1916, Grand Forks, North Dakota. x. SAMUEL PIERCE, b. December 25, 1837; d. February 25, 1929. xi. MARTHA ANN PIERCE, b. July 28, 1840. xii. ALEXANDER B. P. PIERCE, b. August 31, 1843. Generation No. 2 2. JOSIAH2 PIERCE (UNKNOWN1) was born December 01, 1833, and died March 16, 1916 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He married (1) ELIZABETH MAY PRICE May 1853, daughter of JESSE PRICE and HANNAH NEWMAN. He married (2) HARRIET EMALINE KUNKLE 1873, daughter of GEORGE KUNKLE. Notes for JOSIAH PIERCE: They had a family farm in Kirklin, Clinton Co, Indiana with some ties to Indianapolis. Josiah and family are buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetery here in town. Josiah pierce as you know died March 16, 1916, aged 82 yrs. Emma H. Pierce bought the six burial plots and as you know died August 24, 1918. Lot 1 Baby Rice died February 11, 1918, Lot two is vacant, Lot 3 George K. Pierce died April 16, 1934, Lot 4 vacant, Lot 5 Emma H. Pierce, August 24, 1918, 73 years, Lot 6 Josiah Pierce. They are located in the 1st Addition, Block 82 Lot 4, Graves 1-6. Obituary for Josiah Pierce Josiah Pierce Is Claimed By Death Had been unconscious Since Last Friday-- Survived by Widow and Nine Children Josiah Pierce, 82, died at the family residence, 1031 Boulevard avenue, late Thursday evening, after a lingering illness of several months duration. Several months ago he suffered a severe attack of pneumonia,and apparently recovered, but later complications set in and last Friday he became unconcious, remaining in that condition until the end came. Mr. Pierce is survived by his widow, nine children, 29 grand children, 10 great grandchildren and an aged brother and sister and sister. The children are: Mrs. MinervaWhitehead, Cabot, Arkansas; Mrs. Flora Davidson, Lebannon, Indiana; Mrs. Clara Taylor, Dreedsville. Michigan; George K. Pierce, Grand forks: Rev. J.H. Pierce, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Princeton, Illinois; Newton W. Pierce, Brook, Indiana; Martha Pierce and Magdalene Pierce, at home, and Charles C. Pierce, Radium, Minnesota. The funeral will be held at the family residence Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. Services will be conducted by Rev. R.G. Pierson, pastor of the First Baptist church of this city. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. Notes for HARRIET EMALINE KUNKLE: I haven't been able to discover the mother and father of Harriet Kunkle Pierce, but there were Kunkles in the letters and pictures sent to Martha. There is a Walter Kunkle referred to as Uncle I believe by Lena. Martha must have had a request from a Newton Kunkle for the names and dates of the family of Josiah and Harriet. She had them in an envelope addressed to Mr. Newton Kunkle, RR 1, Box 150, Indianapolis,Indiana. Walter and May Kunkle were from Indianapolis also. An Olive Kunkle married and Al Kellermeier and lived in Indianapolis. So it appears the Kunkle connection may come through Indianapolis, Indiana. I know a couple of years before Martha died she flew back to Indianapolis to visit her sister Lena and spent some time with her mother's family according to one of the letters. Martha was living in Spokane with her daughter Mary Miller at the time. Obituary for Harriet Emaline Pierce Mrs. J. Pierce Died At Home Here Sunday Mrs. Josiah Pierce died Sunday morning at the family residence at 1031 Boulevard avenue. The funeral will be held at 2:00 o'clock today from the home. Rev. H.J. Moore officiating. Enternment will be made at Memorial Park. Mrs. Pierce was feeling as well as usual until last Monday, when she was taken ill with "colitis", remaining unconscious until the end. Mrs. Pierce lived here for about four years, coming here with her husband, who died two years ago. the deceased leaves three brothers, Newton Kunkle of Indianapolis, jacob Kunkle of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Newton Kunkle of Indianapolis and Vyrus Kunkle of huprick, MI. two sisters, Mrs. Martin Patrick of Dana, Indiana, and Lydia Kunkle of Houpston, Illinois, four sons, Geo. K. Pierce, of this city, Rev. J.H. Pierce of Princeton, Illinois, Newton W. Pierce of Brook, Indiana and C.C. Pierce of Warren, Minnesota, two daughters, Mrs. Joe Wright of ashland, Kansas, and Magdalene Pierce of this city. Children of JOSIAH PIERCE and ELIZABETH PRICE are: i. MARY3 PIERCE, b. July 01, 1854; d. Aft. July 01, 1854. 3. ii. MINERVA J. PIERCE, b. September 01, 1855; d. July 18, 1944, Nampa, ID. iii. HANNAH ANN PIERCE, b. October 03, 1857; d. August 01, 1860. iv. WILLIAM PIERCE, b. July 10, 1860; d. August 23, 1860. v. JOHN C. B. PIERCE, b. July 24, 1861; d. March 16, 1880. vi. ALEXANDER PIERCE, b. June 10, 1864; d. February 11, 1865. vii. FLORA BELLE PIERCE, b. August 23, 1867; d. October 17, 1951; m. UNKNOWN DAVIDSON. More About FLORA BELLE PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Lebanon, IN Fact 2: 1916, Lebanon, IN 4. viii. CLARA MAY PIERCE, b. March 11, 1871; d. May 27, 1940. Children of JOSIAH PIERCE and HARRIET KUNKLE are: ix. LILLIE MAY3 PIERCE, b. November 10, 1874; d. January 12, 1875. x. GEORGE KUNKLE PIERCE, b. March 05, 1876, Boone County, IN; d. April 16, 1934, Grand Forks, ND; m. LILLIE. Notes for GEORGE KUNKLE PIERCE: George and Lillie had no children. George was a carpenter by trade. According to a letter he helped Newton Pierce get a job in the country. George helped pay for the stillborn baby ( Josiah Rice ) of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rice according to a payment voucher. George fell from the roof of a building and was killed. Lillie corresponded with Martha continuously and was one of the only people to visit Joe and Martha's ranch. The other person was Joe's brother William J. "Tuck" Rice. Address: Mrs. L.M. Hewitson 15064 104th Ave RR 13 North Surrey, B.C., Canada Mrs. H. Hewitson B.C. Canada RR 3, Box 1786 H Jorth Road 1916 Grand Forks City Directory--George K Pierce is listed res 1824 Edith Avenue carpenter --Both of these streets (Edith Avenue and Boulevard Avenue are no longer street names in Grand Forks. Obituary for George K. Pierce George K Pierce Dies At His Home Rites Set Wednesday For Carpenter Here George K. Pierce, 58 years old, a Grand Forks carpenter for 27 years, died late Monday at his home, 1824 Twelfth Avenue North. Funeral services will be Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Pierce chapel, with Rev. J. Harold Gamble officiating, and burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. Mr. Pierce was born in Boone county, Indiana, March 5, 1876. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Pierce, lived in Grand Forks until their deaths. Surviving Mr. Pierce are his wife: three brothers, Rev. J.H. Pierce of Warren, Minnesota, Charles of Waterloo, Oregon. and Newton of Hammond, Indiana; and five sisters, mrs. Martha Rice of Melville, Miss Lena Pierce of Indianapolis, Mrs. Minerva Whittehead of Boise, idaho, Mrs. clara Taylor of Breedsville, Michigan and Mrs. Flora davidson of lebanon, Ind. More About GEORGE KUNKLE PIERCE: Fact 1: 1916, Grand Forks, ND Fact 2: 1918, Grand Forks, ND Notes for LILLIE: LILLIE(LILY) UNKNOWN PIERCE - Upon George's death remarried a Hewitson and resided in B.C., Canada 5. xi. JAMES HENRY PIERCE, b. November 12, 1877; d. November 09, 1945, Columbia City, IN. xii. SARAH ELLEN PIERCE, b. March 18, 1879; d. February 13, 1880. 6. xiii. MARTHA ONOR PIERCE, b. May 12, 1880, Kirklin, Indiana; d. December 13, 1958, Spokane, WA. 7. xiv. NEWTON WHITEHEAD PIERCE, b. August 16, 1882; d. July 21, 1954, St. Paul, MN. xv. RACHEL MAGDELINE PIERCE, b. May 16, 1885. Notes for RACHEL MAGDELINE PIERCE: RACHEL(LENA) MAGDELINE PIERCE - born May 16, 1885 - died ?? Lena never married. She was a seamstress and had a hat or dress shop. After her mother died she lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. In her later years she ran some kind of boarding house. Lena kept in touch with Martha through letters. Martha visited her in Indianapolis a couple of years before she died. Martha made contact with her mother's relatives while there. Address: Rachel M. Pierce 3352 N. New Jersey St. Indianapolis 5, In Also 2135 N. Edison Ave. Indianapolis 5 , In Rachel M. Pierce 3063 Central Ave Indianapolis, In More About RACHEL MAGDELINE PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Indianapolis, IN Fact 2: 1916, Grand Forks, ND Fact 3: 1918, Grand Forks, ND 8. xvi. CHARLES CLEVELAND PIERCE, b. February 22, 1888. Generation No. 3 3. MINERVA J.3 PIERCE (JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born September 01, 1855, and died July 18, 1944 in Nampa, ID. She married NEWTON JASPER WHITEHEAD December 09, 1877, son of MURPHY WHITEHEAD and NANCY HUDSON. Notes for MINERVA J. PIERCE: Buried at Kohlerlawn Cemetary, Nampa, ID. More About MINERVA J. PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Boise, ID Fact 2: 1916, Cabot, AR Notes for NEWTON JASPER WHITEHEAD: The Whiteheads were Quakers. It is important to know whether the Pierce's were as well. This could answer the question as to why there was the rift in the family. The Quakers were never to marry outside of their faith. This is something I need to follow up on. 08/03/99 CJM Buried at Kohlerlawn Cemetery, Nampa, ID. Children of MINERVA PIERCE and NEWTON WHITEHEAD are: i. SADIE E.4 WHITEHEAD, b. September 22, 1878; d. December 06, 1952; m. (1) PAUL LOCKERT; m. (2) UNKNOWN DIEHL. ii. SAMUEL C. WHITEHEAD, b. August 01, 1881; d. July 12, 1970, Nampa, Idaho. 9. iii. MATTIE J. WHITEHEAD, b. November 19, 1883. 10. iv. JOHN J. WHITEHEAD, b. September 05, 1893, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas; d. September 07, 1971, Cascade, Valley Co., Idaho. v. GEORGE W. WHITEHEAD, b. November 19, 1896; d. January 25, 1897. 4. CLARA MAY3 PIERCE (JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born March 11, 1871, and died May 27, 1940. She married UNKNOWN TAYLOR. Notes for CLARA MAY PIERCE: CLARA MAY PIERCE TAYLOR - married unknown Taylor. Josiah's first marriage to Elizabeth Price Pierce produced a Clara May Pierce. I am convinced now that this is Clara M. Taylor . ( Clara in her letters communicated that she had a sister, Flora. Josiah's first marriage also produced a Flora Belle Pierce. Armed with that and the fact that Clara Taylor had a middle initial M. convinced me that it was more than a coincidence - they had to be the same people.) In 1933 she was living in Breedsville, Michigan. CHILDREN: HARRY M. TAYLOR - resided in Breedsville, Mi in Martha's address book. WESLEY TAYLOR HAROLD H. TAYLOR - married. JOSIAH(JOE) TAYLOR - married Anna and had boy children JOHN IVAN TAYLOR - played basketball. Had an electric repair shop in Bloomingdale, resided in Kalamazoo, Michigan. JAMES H. TAYLOR - Wife Stashua Unknown Taylor. Had children Peggy Ann, Evalyn, and Donald CLARENCE TAYLOR - married and had children. DELLA M. TAYLOR(GODFREY) - Mrs. Stuart Godfrey MINNIE TAYLOR(ROBBINS) - married Lynn Robbins and lived in Gary, Indiana. They farmed(Apples,etc.). They had children Kenneth who married and had children; Bill who married Rosemary and had 5 children - Twins, Jimmy, Johnnie, and Deci. Bill was a doctor who died prematurely. Another son John Robbins. Clara's grandchildren: Stuart Godfrey, John Robbins, William Robbins, Kenneth Robbins, Robert Taylor, Clarence Taylor, and Peggy Ann Taylor, Evalyn Taylor, and Donald Taylor Clara's friends and/or brothers and sisters: Flora and 2nd son Fred(lives with his wife in Lovington, Illinois). Also Ethel who is Flora's daughter. (There is an Ethel Isenhower in Martha's address book and this Ethel had to move to Florida for her health.) Jim Davidson - Note: Elsie Davidson was in a commencement ceremony for which Martha was sent an invitation. Bessie - calls Martha - aunt. Addresses: Mrs. Clara M. Taylor Breadsville, Mi RR 1 (Now Harry Taylor address) Fern Wiggs Route 1 (b) Lebanon, In Mrs. Joe Taylor Bangor, Mi Mrs. Lynn Robbons Route 1 Frog Hollow Buchanan, Mi Mr. Clarence Taylor Route 1 Breedsville (sp), Mi Ralph and Elsie Davidson Boone County RR 2 Jamestown, In Mrs. Ethel Isenhourer Dayton, Oh 431 Brightwood Ave More About CLARA MAY PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Breedsville, MI Fact 2: 1916, Breedsville, MI Children of CLARA PIERCE and UNKNOWN TAYLOR are: i. HARRY M.4 TAYLOR. ii. WESLEY TAYLOR. iii. HAROLD TAYLOR. iv. JOSIAH TAYLOR. v. JOHN IVAN TAYLOR. vi. JAMES H. TAYLOR. vii. CLARENCE TAYLOR. viii. DELLA M. TAYLOR. ix. MINNIE TAYLOR. 5. JAMES HENRY3 PIERCE (JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born November 12, 1877, and died November 09, 1945 in Columbia City, IN. He married DELLA. Notes for JAMES HENRY PIERCE: James Henry Pierce was a Baptist minister in Frankfort, Indiana. He was minister of the Eel River Baptist Church. After retirement they moved from Frankfort to a place near Tri-Lakes near Columbia City, Indiana. He received word of his son's death on March 29, 1945. James died in November of 1945. Address: Mrs James H. Pierce 252 E. Monroe Franklin, In Mrs. James H. Pierce (Mrs. D. M. Pierce) 359 W. South St. Frankfort, In Mrs. J.H.Pierce Churubusco, In More About JAMES HENRY PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Warren, Minnesota Fact 2: 1916, Princeton, IL Fact 3: 1918, Princeton, IL Child of JAMES PIERCE and DELLA is: 11. i. JAMES D.4 PIERCE, b. January 26, 1917; d. March 06, 1945, Formosa. 6. MARTHA ONOR3 PIERCE (JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born May 12, 1880 in Kirklin, Indiana, and died December 13, 1958 in Spokane, WA. She married HENRY JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM RICE 1918 in Ashland, Kansas. Notes for MARTHA ONOR PIERCE: There were three letters to Mrs. Martha Rice (or Mrs. Joe Rice) from Martha's mother - Harriet Emaline Kunkle Pierce. Martha lived in Ashland, Kansas with Joe at the time. The first letter was dated March 29, 1917. This was about a year after Josiah's death. The letter was from Grand Forks,1031 Blvd Ave, North Dakota. It sounded as if the family had moved there from Kirklin, Indiana. Perhaps after Josiah died. The second letter was written April 19, 1917. The last letter from her mother was dated April 23, 1918. This was about 4 months before her death. All were from Grand Forks, North Dakota. All were signed Mother. Joe Rice married Martha Onor Pierce and lived for a short period in Ashland, Kansas and also it appears in Grand Forks, North Dakota. They then moved to Shasta County, Shasta(Redding), California. Joe was a rancher/farmer. He raised sheep. Before marrying and coming to California he was part owner in a ranch near Ashland, Kansas with his brother William John "Tuck" Rice. He sold his part to his brother. Martha and Joe remained in Redding on the ranch until Joe died. Martha stayed for a while. She later sold the ranch and gave up a state pension of $80/month to go and live with her daughter and son in law in Spokane, Washington. Martha was a god loving woman and a Baptist. She often donated contributions to her church and to causes for her church -Voices for China and Asia,etc. She once received two letters from Germany, written in German. They were thank yous from families for care packages she had managed to give them. Martha had little money but always made do. She died in 1958. Addresses: Mrs. Florence Parrott Plymouth, Mi (Joe's Friend) Kit Rice Route 1 Box 3276 Redding,Ca Phone: Chestnut 1-5067 Terrence & Mira Watthall(Joe Aquaintence?) R. Route Ridge Farm, Il story written by Martha Pierce Rice titled "A True Story". It has no date or place on the letter and was never finished. I am typing in the first two paragraphs. "My people were farmers, there were six children in our family 4 boys and 2 girs; we lived in a closely settled neighborhood, father owned 80 acres. 40 faced the county road the other 40 lay first behind it. The man that owned 80 acres, 40 across the road from us and 40 on our side joining us on the west died with cancer and his widow devided the land with her five children. She kept 1/3(I think this is what she wrote) with the home on it. One son and one daughter builded on their acres. The others sold theirs, one daughter to her sister 1 son to his bro. The other daughter's acres joined us; she sold to a working man and he builded a home on it. Our building were in the west corner of our 40 so there were only our garden and west side of our yard, his garden and east side of his yard between our houses. Prices owned 20 acres across the road and his buildings were about mid way of his I O A(this is what it looks like anyway) house. The neighborhood was called String Town, by strangers passing through. We had a church within one and one half mile of our home and mother took us there to Sunday School and church services nearly every Sunday unless we were sick and sent us when she was to weary to go. Father very seldom went to church." The rest is about how the children played and worked and a little bit about how they were raised. The part about the Prices living near them caught my attention. Too bad no places or dates. More About MARTHA ONOR PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Melville, Mississippi Fact 2: 1918, Ashland, KS Children of MARTHA PIERCE and HENRY RICE are: 12. i. MARY MARTHA4 RICE, b. April 01, 1919. 13. ii. RHEA MARTIN RICE, b. April 12, 1921; d. December 20, 1994, Redding, CA. iii. JOSIAH WILLIAM RICE, b. February 09, 1918; d. February 09, 1918. 7. NEWTON WHITEHEAD3 PIERCE (JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born August 16, 1882, and died July 21, 1954 in St. Paul, MN. He married (1) ADA. He married (2) EVA. Notes for NEWTON WHITEHEAD PIERCE: Internment at Roselawn Cemetery in St. Paul, Minnesota. married ADA UKNOWN PIERCE - born October 26, 1885 - died ?? After a number of children with Newton they were divorced and she married a Clayton(Clate) C. Bryant. She resided in Hebron, Indiana for a number of years and was listed in Lowell, Indiana in Martha's address book. This may be the home of her son Harold. CHILDREN: HAROLD PIERCE - married. Listed as living in Lowell and Remington, Indiana. They had some children: a girl Pierce, and a son Duane Pierce who married and lived in Westville. Duane is listed as having sons. Harold is said to be a grandparent in 1956 in a letter by Ada. Harold, I believe, communicated with Lena Pierce quite a bit. GEORGE PIERCE - married and had children in Hebron, Indiana. Wife's name unknown. He had a son,THOMAS PIERCE, who graduated from high school in Lowell, Indiana on May 23, 1956 and who married a Sharon Thieves on Valentine's day in 1958. George had a son, BOB PIERCE, who had a daughter and one son who gave him a granddaughter named Pamela on July 22, 1957(George's 1st). There was also mention of a Dick. Not sure if this is George's son or not. DON PIERCE - born about 1921(He was 37 in 1958). He married and had sons JEFF KREG PIERCE, RONALD MARK PIERCE, and "BOY" PIERCE. PAUL PIERCE - born about 1921(He was 35 in 1957). He was Ada's 5th boy. He was mentioned as having a son in high school in Hebron, Indiana HOWARD PIERCE - married and had a boy graduate from Common School on May 22, 1956. THELMA PIERCE (COUGHLIN) - born about 1924(She was 33 in 1957). Ada said she was a twin. Born with a boy. She was first born. Thelma was married and her children gave her grandchildren. Her first was in 1956 and her second grandchild came in 1957. Address: Mrs. Thelma Coughlin 913 178th Hammond, In (Newt's Daughter) Mrs. Thelma Pierce Coughlin 913 170th St Hammond, In (Newt's Daughter) MAX PIERCE ?- Probably the twin boy with Thelma. There is some discrepancy here. In one photograph Max and Maxine are listed as twins by Newton. He is not mentioned very much accept that he died in the war. MAXINE PIERCE(BLUE) - married a Glen Blue. Had a child named Melody RUSSELL PIERCE - married. Was a grandparent in 1956. Had a boy in the service in Japan in 1957. As mentioned above Newton and Ada divorced. Ada married a C.C. Bryant who had an unmarried sister named Mable who lived with them. Newton remarried an Eva Unknown Pierce on July 18, 1853 in St. Paul, Minnesota. This was a year before his death. Eva communicated with Martha quite a few times usually by way of cards. One letter from Ada to Martha stated that all her family have their own homes. It goes on to say that they all lived close near Hebron, Indiana and that Harold was the farthest away, 45 miles, in Lowell. Ada had a sister Katie born September 5, 1876 who lived in Cleveland, Ohio. Ada's first great grand child was born Novemeber 16, 1950. Ada mentions that she has been going to Thelma's for Easter for over 20 years(1955). Addresses: Mr. Newton W. Pierce 645 Cedar St St. Paul, Mn also 94 Park Place St. Paul 2, Mn Mrs. N. W. Pierce (Eva) 161(?) Ann Street St. Paul, Mn Mrs. C.C. Bryant RR 2 Lowell, In (Ada's address) More About NEWTON WHITEHEAD PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Hammond, Indiana Fact 2: 1916, Brook, IN Fact 3: 1918, Brook, IN Children of NEWTON PIERCE and ADA are: 14. i. HAROLD4 PIERCE. 15. ii. GEORGE PIERCE. iii. DON PIERCE. iv. PAUL PIERCE. v. HOWARD PIERCE. vi. THELMA PIERCE. vii. MAX PIERCE. 16. viii. MAXINE PIERCE. ix. RUSSELL PIERCE. 8. CHARLES CLEVELAND3 PIERCE (JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born February 22, 1888. He married GAIL. Notes for CHARLES CLEVELAND PIERCE: CHARLES CLEVELAND PIERCE - born February 22, 1888 - died ?? . Charles farmed when he was young. He married and had Josiah (Joe) T. Pierce and Gilbert Edwin Pierce before they moved to Oregon. They lived in Portland, Oregon with children and grandchildren around. Charles was affectionately called "Poh" or "Pohhy" by his grandchildren. Charles loved to work in the garden and lots of pretty flowers around the yard. married GAIL UNKNOWN PIERCE CHILDREN: JOSIAH(JOE) T. PIERCE - married and had the following children: Maxine Pierce who in 1955 was working in the state building in Salem, Oregon; Lucile Pierce(maybe Margaret Lucile Pierce?). Lucile married an A.(Tony) Luchini and had children Sonja and Pamela . CHARLES N.(?) PIERCE - married Harriet Unknown Pierce GILBERT(GIB) EDWIN PIERCE - married a Grace Unknown Pierce. Had a Billie Pierce RUTH PIERCE - married a Burnell (Bean) Volz. They had children Shirlie, Leana(Loana,Dana?), Little Charles Gilbert, and Ted Volz Addresses: Mr. & Mrs. Chas N. Pierce 9006 N. Polk Portland 3, Or Mr. & Mrs. A. (Tony). J. Luchini 924 N.E. 91st Ave Portland 16, Or Lucile Pierce now at Mrs. A. T. Luchini (LUKEENES) 5550 N.E. 112th Ave, Apt 4 Portland, Or Josiah T. Pierce 161 W. 39th Ave Eugene, Or Josiah T. Pierce Dexter, Or Chas C. Pierce(Charles Junior) 9530 N. Ivanhoe Portland, Or Mrs. Charles C. Pierce 7735 N. Edison Portland 8 , Or Mr & Mrs. Chas C. Pierce 7735 N. Edison Portland 3, Or Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Pierce 8911 S. W. Oak St. Portland 23, Or Grace Pierce(Gilbert's Wife?) Portland, Or T.B. Volz Rt#3, Box 10222 Albany, Or More About CHARLES CLEVELAND PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Waterloo, Oregon Fact 2: 1916, Radium, MN Fact 3: 1918, Warren, MN Children of CHARLES PIERCE and GAIL are: i. JOSIAH T.4 PIERCE. ii. CHARLES N. PIERCE. iii. GILBERT EDWIN PIERCE. iv. RUTH PIERCE. Generation No. 4 9. MATTIE J.4 WHITEHEAD (MINERVA J.3 PIERCE, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born November 19, 1883. She married WILL CATHERINA. Child of MATTIE WHITEHEAD and WILL CATHERINA is: 17. i. PAULINE5 CATHERINA. 10. JOHN J.4 WHITEHEAD (MINERVA J.3 PIERCE, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born September 05, 1893 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas, and died September 07, 1971 in Cascade, Valley Co., Idaho. He married BEULAH EDITH CARRINGTON January 03, 1914 in Cabot, Arkansas, daughter of JOHN CARRINGTON and VIRGINIA DICK. Children of JOHN WHITEHEAD and BEULAH CARRINGTON are: i. NEWTON JOHN5 WHITEHEAD, b. November 23, 1915, Little Rock, Arkansas; m. MURIEL ROSE CONYERS, November 16, 1940, Boise, Ada County, Idaho. 18. ii. ROY GARDNER WHITEHEAD, b. June 17, 1918, Cabot, Arkansas; d. August 03, 1976, Pocatello, Bannock Co., Idaho. 19. iii. CLAUDE JACOB WHITEHEAD, b. August 30, 1920, Nampa, Idaho; d. January 20, 1986, Pocatello, Bannock Co., Idaho. 11. JAMES D.4 PIERCE (JAMES HENRY3, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born January 26, 1917, and died March 06, 1945 in Formosa. He married HELEN L. UTTERBACK. Children of JAMES PIERCE and HELEN UTTERBACK are: i. CONNIE KAY5 PIERCE. ii. JAMES EUGENE PIERCE, b. March 04, 1945. 12. MARY MARTHA4 RICE (MARTHA ONOR3 PIERCE, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born April 01, 1919. She married JAMES HUGH MILLER. Notes for MARY MARTHA RICE: Mary worked the ranch for her mom and dad. She was often off in the mountains shepherding for day. She went to school and graduated high school in Redding, California. She borrowed money and went to a beauty school. She boarded with a number of people. With her job as a beautician she was able to pay back her loan. During the war she ment and married a James Hugh Miller from Tennessee. They moved to Spokane where a number of Hugh's family were. Children of MARY RICE and JAMES MILLER are: i. MARY ANN5 MILLER. ii. JAMES HOWARD MILLER. 13. RHEA MARTIN4 RICE (MARTHA ONOR3 PIERCE, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born April 12, 1921, and died December 20, 1994 in Redding, CA. He married KIT. Notes for RHEA MARTIN RICE: Ray changed his name from Rhea. Rhea worked on chores around the ranch as well. Later he was in the armed services. Later in life he married KIT Unknown. He adobted her son. He is named Frank Douglas Rice and is called "Butch". There life was tough moving from job to job. Kit died first. Ray tried to live for a while in Stevens County, Washington just a little north of Deer Park, Washington. It wasn't to his liking. He moved back to Redding where he died. Child of RHEA RICE and KIT is: i. FRANK DOUGLAS5 RICE. 14. HAROLD4 PIERCE (NEWTON WHITEHEAD3, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1). Child of HAROLD PIERCE is: i. DUANE5 PIERCE. 15. GEORGE4 PIERCE (NEWTON WHITEHEAD3, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1). Children of GEORGE PIERCE are: i. THOMAS5 PIERCE, m. SHARON THIEVES, February 14, 1958. ii. ROBERT PIERCE. 16. MAXINE4 PIERCE (NEWTON WHITEHEAD3, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1). She married GLEN BLUE. Child of MAXINE PIERCE and GLEN BLUE is: i. MELODY5 BLUE. Generation No. 5 17. PAULINE5 CATHERINA (MATTIE J.4 WHITEHEAD, MINERVA J.3 PIERCE, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1). She married LOUIS CAVALETTO. Children of PAULINE CATHERINA and LOUIS CAVALETTO are: i. Living ii. Living iii. Living 18. ROY GARDNER5 WHITEHEAD (JOHN J.4, MINERVA J.3 PIERCE, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born June 17, 1918 in Cabot, Arkansas, and died August 03, 1976 in Pocatello, Bannock Co., Idaho. He married MARIE JOSEPHINE MILLER February 21, 1938 in Nampa, Idaho. Children of ROY WHITEHEAD and MARIE MILLER are: 20. i. Living 21. ii. Living 19. CLAUDE JACOB5 WHITEHEAD (JOHN J.4, MINERVA J.3 PIERCE, JOSIAH2, UNKNOWN1) was born August 30, 1920 in Nampa, Idaho1, and died January 20, 1986 in Pocatello, Bannock Co., Idaho1. He married ELEANOR NORDENE STURMAN November 06, 1945 in San Diego, California.