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The Price Family

Descendants of Jesse Price

Generation No. 1 1. JESSE1 PRICE was born 1792 in New Jersey. He married (1) MARY HARLEY in Magnolia, PA?. He married (2) JANE. He married (3) HANNAH NEWMAN July 01, 1832. Notes for JESSE PRICE: Early on, (late 1600's early 1700's ) a group came from the Swiss, Germany,etc. area. They were affilliated with the Church of the Brethren. They settled in the SE area of Pennsylvania. Among them were LOTS of Price and Harley surnames. After the first settlement was a success, they began to spread out and establish other meeting places. One of those meetings was supposedly in NJ. After awhile, the memberships began to break off. Some stayed Brethren and others formed new sects. One of those splinter groups became the Mennonites. I have been working on the belief that Jesse may have migrated west to join or establish one of these groups. There were several Brethren and Mennonite communities emerging in Indiana at about the time he moved there. Many of the surnames found in communities in the east show up again in the area near where Jesse moved. May be just a coincidence???? Linda Carey Children of JESSE PRICE and MARY HARLEY are: i. JESSE2 PRICE, b. 1820, New Jersey. ii. FRANCES PRICE, b. 1823, New Jersey. 2. iii. JACOB PRICE, b. 1824, New Jersey. 3. iv. HARLEY PRICE, b. 1827, New Jersey; d. Aft. 1870, Indiana. Children of JESSE PRICE and HANNAH NEWMAN are: v. SARAH2 PRICE, b. 1833, Indiana. vi. MARY PRICE, b. April 04, 1833, New Jersey. vii. AMY PRICE, b. October 02, 1834, New Jersey. 4. viii. ELIZABETH MAY PRICE, b. December 31, 1836, New Jersey; d. December 05, 1872, Mudd Creek. ix. ANNABELLA PRICE, b. July 03, 1839. 5. x. JOHN NEWMAN PRICE, b. December 04, 1840, Indiana; d. May 17, 1914, Bridgeport, Marion Co., Indiana. xi. NAPOLEAN B. PRICE, b. May 17, 1844, Indiana. xii. JAMES B. PRICE, b. January 04, 1847, Indiana. Generation No. 2 2. JACOB2 PRICE (JESSE1) was born 1824 in New Jersey. He married REBECCA HUBBARD June 06, 1846 in Marion County, IN. Children of JACOB PRICE and REBECCA HUBBARD are: i. MARY C.3 PRICE, b. 1857, Indiana. ii. JACOB H. PRICE, b. 1859, Indiana. 3. HARLEY2 PRICE (JESSE1) was born 1827 in New Jersey, and died Aft. 1870 in Indiana. He married (1) MARTHA. He married (2) SARAH F. RHOADES September 26, 1850 in Marion County, IN, daughter of JOSEPH RHOADES and MARIAH. He married (3) MARY A. WALLACE February 23, 1868 in Marion County, IN. Children of HARLEY PRICE and MARTHA are: i. JESSE3 PRICE, b. February 1860. ii. SARAH PRICE, b. 1863. Children of HARLEY PRICE and SARAH RHOADES are: 6. iii. ELLIS3 PRICE, b. 1851, Indiana. 7. iv. LETITIA PRICE, b. August 13, 1853, Indiana; d. 1937, Point Isabella, Indiana. 4. ELIZABETH MAY2 PRICE (JESSE1) was born December 31, 1836 in New Jersey, and died December 05, 1872 in Mudd Creek. She married JOSIAH PIERCE May 1853. Notes for JOSIAH PIERCE: They had a family farm in Kirklin, Clinton Co, Indiana with some ties to Indianapolis. Josiah and family are buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetery here in town. Josiah pierce as you know died March 16, 1916, aged 82 yrs. Emma H. Pierce bought the six burial plots and as you know died August 24, 1918. Lot 1 Baby Rice died February 11, 1918, Lot two is vacant, Lot 3 George K. Pierce died April 16, 1934, Lot 4 vacant, Lot 5 Emma H. Pierce, August 24, 1918, 73 years, Lot 6 Josiah Pierce. They are located in the 1st Addition, Block 82 Lot 4, Graves 1-6. Obituary for Josiah Pierce Josiah Pierce Is Claimed By Death Had been unconscious Since Last Friday-- Survived by Widow and Nine Children Josiah Pierce, 82, died at the family residence, 1031 Boulevard avenue, late Thursday evening, after a lingering illness of several months duration. Several months ago he suffered a severe attack of pneumonia,and apparently recovered, but later complications set in and last Friday he became unconcious, remaining in that condition until the end came. Mr. Pierce is survived by his widow, nine children, 29 grand children, 10 great grandchildren and an aged brother and sister and sister. The children are: Mrs. MinervaWhitehead, Cabot, Arkansas; Mrs. Flora Davidson, Lebannon, Indiana; Mrs. Clara Taylor, Dreedsville. Michigan; George K. Pierce, Grand forks: Rev. J.H. Pierce, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Princeton, Illinois; Newton W. Pierce, Brook, Indiana; Martha Pierce and Magdalene Pierce, at home, and Charles C. Pierce, Radium, Minnesota. The funeral will be held at the family residence Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. Services will be conducted by Rev. R.G. Pierson, pastor of the First Baptist church of this city. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. Children of ELIZABETH PRICE and JOSIAH PIERCE are: i. MARY3 PIERCE, b. July 01, 1854; d. Aft. July 01, 1854. 8. ii. MINERVA J. PIERCE, b. September 01, 1855; d. July 18, 1944, Nampa, ID. iii. HANNAH ANN PIERCE, b. October 03, 1857; d. August 01, 1860. iv. WILLIAM PIERCE, b. July 10, 1860; d. August 23, 1860. v. JOHN C. B. PIERCE, b. July 24, 1861; d. March 16, 1880. vi. ALEXANDER PIERCE, b. June 10, 1864; d. February 11, 1865. vii. FLORA BELLE PIERCE, b. August 23, 1867; d. October 17, 1951; m. UNKNOWN DAVIDSON. More About FLORA BELLE PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Lebanon, IN Fact 2: 1916, Lebanon, IN 9. viii. CLARA MAY PIERCE, b. March 11, 1871; d. May 27, 1940. 5. JOHN NEWMAN2 PRICE (JESSE1) was born December 04, 1840 in Indiana, and died May 17, 1914 in Bridgeport, Marion Co., Indiana. He married CATHERINE SIMMONS, daughter of JOHN SIMMONS and MARTHA HILL. Notes for JOHN NEWMAN PRICE: Buried May 19, 1914 in Plainfield, Hendricks County, Indiana Notes for CATHERINE SIMMONS: Buried March 26, 1922 in Plainfield, Hendricks County, Indiana Children of JOHN PRICE and CATHERINE SIMMONS are: i. NAPLOEAN BONAPARTE3 PRICE, b. 1862. ii. MARY CAROLINE PRICE, b. February 24, 1864. Generation No. 3 6. ELLIS3 PRICE (HARLEY2, JESSE1) was born 1851 in Indiana. He married ORPHA 1874 in Indiana. Children of ELLIS PRICE and ORPHA are: i. WILLIAM4 PRICE, b. 1875. ii. JULIA PRICE, b. 1877. iii. ROBERT PRICE, b. 1879. 7. LETITIA3 PRICE (HARLEY2, JESSE1) was born August 13, 1853 in Indiana, and died 1937 in Point Isabella, Indiana. She married WILFORD NASH June 1873 in Howard County, Indiana, son of WILLIAM NASH and LUCINDA BRANDENBURG. Children of LETITIA PRICE and WILFORD NASH are: i. MARIE4 NASH, b. September 14, 1873; d. Infant. ii. ANNABELLA NASH, b. November 02, 1874; d. January 01, 1949; m. JAMES MCCORKLE. iii. WILLIAM HARLEY NASH, b. January 02, 1877; d. November 10; m. DESSA MORRIS. iv. EMMA NASH, b. December 21, 1879; d. February 07, 1953; m. CHARLES SCOTT. v. LAWRENCE NASH, b. October 08, 1882; d. Aft. 1923; m. JENNY LEAVELL. 10. vi. PEARL MAY NASH, b. November 20, 1885, Grant County, Indiana; d. February 1966, Indianapolis, Indiana. vii. MINNIE MYRTLE NASH, b. 1888; d. 1966; m. JAMES MAIN. viii. DESSIE IONA NASH, b. 1890; m. CLAUDE PRATT. ix. ORA NASH, b. 1893; d. Infant. x. LEROY NASH, b. 1896; m. EDITH JONES. 8. MINERVA J.3 PIERCE (ELIZABETH MAY2 PRICE, JESSE1) was born September 01, 1855, and died July 18, 1944 in Nampa, ID. She married NEWTON JASPER WHITEHEAD December 09, 1877, son of URPHY WHITEHEAD and NANCY HUDSON. Notes for MINERVA J. PIERCE: Buried at Kohlerlawn Cemetary, Nampa, ID. More About MINERVA J. PIERCE: Fact 1: 1934, Boise, ID Fact 2: 1916, Cabot, AR Notes for NEWTON JASPER WHITEHEAD: The Whiteheads were Quakers. It is important to know whether the Pierce's were as well. This could answer the question as to why there was the rift in the family. The Quakers were never Buried at Kohlerlawn Cemetery, Nampa, ID. Children of MINERVA PIERCE and NEWTON WHITEHEAD are: i. SADIE E.4 WHITEHEAD, b. September 22, 1878; d. December 06, 1952; m. (1) PAUL LOCKERT; m. (2) UNKNOWN DIEHL. ii. SAMUEL C. WHITEHEAD, b. August 01, 1881; d. July 12, 1970, Nampa, Idaho. 11. iii. MATTIE J. WHITEHEAD, b. November 19, 1883. 12. iv. JOHN J. WHITEHEAD, b. September 05, 1893, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas; d. September 07, 1971, Cascade, Valley Co., Idaho. v. GEORGE W. WHITEHEAD, b. November 19, 1896; d. January 25, 1897. 9. CLARA MAY3 PIERCE (ELIZABETH MAY2 PRICE, JESSE1) was born March 11, 1871, and died May 27, 1940. She married UNKNOWN TAYLOR. Notes for CLARA MAY PIERCE: CLARA MAY PIERCE TAYLOR - married unknown Taylor. Josiah's first marriage to Elizabeth Price Pierce produced a Clara May Pierce. I am convinced now that this is Clara M. Taylor . ( Clara in her letters communicated that she had a sister, Flora. Josiah's first marriage also produced a Flora Belle Pierce. Armed with that and the fact that Clara Taylor had a middle initial M. convinced me that it was more than a coincidence - they had to be the same people.) In 1933 she was living in Breedsville, Michigan. CHILDREN: HARRY M. TAYLOR - resided in Breedsville, Mi in Martha's address book. WESLEY TAYLOR HAROLD H. TAYLOR - married. JOSIAH(JOE) TAYLOR - married Anna and had boy children JOHN IVAN TAYLOR - played basketball. Had an electric repair shop in Bloomingdale, resided in Kalamazoo, Michigan. JAMES H. TAYLOR - Wife Stashua Unknown Taylor. Had children Peggy Ann, Evalyn, and Donald CLARENCE TAYLOR - married and had children. DELLA M. TAYLOR(GODFREY) - Mrs. Stuart Godfrey MINNIE TAYLOR(ROBBINS) - married Lynn Robbins and lived in Gary, Indiana. They farmed(Apples,etc.). They had children Kenneth who married and had children; Bill who married Rosemary and had 5 children - Twins, Jimmy, Johnnie, and Deci. Bill was a doctor who died prematurely. Another son John Robbins. Clara's grandchildren: Stuart Godfrey, John Robbins, William Robbins, Kenneth Robbins, Robert Taylor, Clarence Taylor, and Peggy Ann Taylor, Evalyn Taylor, and Donald Taylor